The above applies to Canada now (2023) even more than to the USA

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Cultural Marxism main goal and achievement: the oversexualized female ( click here and here)

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  1. Anti-concervativism. There are many individuals and corporations signed up to destroy the conservative movement in  Canada. The government funded News Media (CBC, CTV, Global, etc) are nothing but the bullhorn for the government. Investigative journalism is dead and most of the media reports and programs represent the government’s influenced information.
  2. Identity and Gender politics. The Cultural Marxists brainwash all ages of children and adults stating that there are many more genders than just male and female. This results in the drastically increasing numbers of sex change treatments and operations from the very young to the adult population resulting in possible sterilization, confusion and psychological issues. Transgenderism is on the rise, Drag Queen shows are an everyday occurence in schools and libraries, indoctrinating the youngest under the guise of “having fun” while they are basically grooming the next generation of sexual deviants. Also Transgenderism moves the agenda toward Transhumanism. The bottom line of this effort is to destroy the Canadian family, the building block of a healthy society.
  3. Government sponsored third-world immigration. This is an immigration jihad meant to change Canada’s language and culture . . . and give the Liberals a permanent voting edge. This effort by the Cultural Marxists is directed to destroy Canada as a nation state. Their mantra is Globalism without nations and borders. In addition the Cultural Marxists cultivate and strengthen the ties with the World Economic Forum (WEF), The World Health Organization (WHO), and the UN, essentially giving up the country’s sovereignty. This is another move to undermine the country as a nation-state.
  4. Green Communism and Climate Change. Canada’s offiicial policy is to decrease/eliminate fossil fuels under the guise of environmental protection Also the relentless pushing of hysterical fear about Climate Change and promoting renewable energy which is insufficient to power the economy the same degree as fossil fuels do. The government seems to be hell-bent to destroy the Canadian economy.
  5. Communist Healthcare. Let’s call it what it is, a Communist takeover of all healthcare aspects (example: Bill 36).  Many Canadians do not even have a family doctor. 
  6. Leniency towards crime. The liberal judiciary is lenient towards crime, homelessness is rampant and the federal government is unable to solve many deep social issues many at the crisis level.
  7. Hostility to Religious Liberty, free speech and gun control. First the Communists need to kill God before implementing a Socialist/Communist society. They ignore/cancel voices they disagree with and work hard to make it more difficult to have gun ownership and free speech for average Canadians.
  8. Support for Canada’s Enemies. All the bad guys become good guys in the Communists’ warped view of the world (the bad guys are the victims – victim mentality). Trudeau embraces Communist China, which he stated was the most admirable state in his opinion. Trudeau and his government supports Ukraine in the war by sending taxpayers’ money and weapons.
  9. Attack on Canada’s Heritage. Trudeau stated several times that “Old Stock” Canadians (descendents of white Anglo-Saxon and French people) should be replaced by immigrants. The Communists aka Cultural Marxists want to erase the history of the nation to be confused about its history, values and traditions. A nation like that can not stand.
  10. Summary: the Communist takeover in Canada is well under way and very advanced. Basically Canada is a Communist state run by Cultural Marxists. The Soviet Union was a Communist country run by Marxists-Leninsts, a physically more brutal version of Communism. The Cultural Marxist process started as early as 1935 when the Frankfurt School relocated from Franfurt am Main, Germany to New York City USA, joining Columbia University (see the Frankfurt School here). The Communist indoctrination started in earnest in the 1960s with the “long march through the institutions” (click long march) when the Cultural Marxists started to take over schools and universities, cultural institutions such as the film industry, news media, etc., different levels of governments, judiciary and major corporations. Now if a person does not sign up to wokism, political correctness and social justice (as opposed to equal justice) he or she may be fired from the job or will not be hired. It can be safely stated that Cultural Marxism, aka Communism now exists in all aspects of our lives and if one does not comply or accept their narrative and values he or she will be punished by cancellation, bank account freezing, firing from the jobs and legal attacks with fines and jail sentences. In reality the state Canada is in is very similar to that of the Soviet Union except the physical gulags are replaced with various other punishments which may severely  impact the livelihood of people. Canada is a divided country and a “house divided can not stand”. The majority of the people are slumbering and apathetic so people may not change the system unless the majority wakes up. It should be noted that a minority of the people are waking up and fighting various government actions such as Bills 36 and C-11. These bills are the effects, the root cause is the Communist government. Fighting the effects, however noteworthy it is, will not solve the problem. Government change will.
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Tucker Carlson: Chinese Communists trained in Canada are ‘threat to American national security’. To read the article click here

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau admires China’s dictatorship (Communist China’s that is): 


Communism is not deadAleksandr Solzhenitzyn said, long ago, that it (Communism) was dead in Russia, but that in the West it was “a Living Lion”.  The so called “collapse of the Soviet Union”, or of Communism in Russia, during the years 1989 – 1991, was not a collapse at all, but, according to Mikhail Gorbachev, the very supposed architect of the “collapse”, in an interview at the Vatican in 1989: “It is wrong to insist, as many in the West do, that this is the collapse of socialism (read: Communism).  On the contrary, it means that the socialist process in the world will pursue its further development in a multiplicity of forms” (Emphasis added – Time Magazine, December 11th, 1989).

The Communist Manifesto, of 1848, states the following: “In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things.”

“The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims.  They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions…”

The statement by Mikhail Gorbachev (first one above), and the following two statements by Karl Marx 140 years earlier, explain better than anything else as to what has been going on in western countries, and more importantly in Canada today in the past 60-65 years. The Red Menace, as it used to be called, has literally infiltrated every institutions of our society or social order: educational, political, legal, religious, cultural, until there is nothing left except the people. The people are the mostly victims, some are the useful idiots (they elected these governments) and the hope (if they can wake up).


Sadly, Canada is on its way to include Sharia Law under the guise of promoting multiculturalism. Canadian immigration policies give preference to third world countries and as a result Canada’s demographic picture is drastically changing. In addition, Canada is being taken over by the Chinese Communist Party in terms of culture, influence and language, primarily in her west coast.

Sharia Crime Stoppers Presents David Bores, Co-Founder of Sharia Crime Stoppers, Adjunct Instructor on the Islamic Threat, Former Chief of Police, and Retired Lt. Col. Army officer. David has trained over 1200 Law Enforcement Officers and additional Local Community Leaders that attended many of those training sessions across the southeast of USA. The video here is about the Sharia Islamic threat that remains in America, Canada and around the world. The difference now is that the Jihadists are now working with BLM, Antifa, and other violent groups on the left attacking police officers, conservatives, Christians and Jews.

JustRightMedia had this to say:
“Western nations are committing cultural and national suicide if they adapt their laws to conform to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). Canada is leading the race to oblivion as a nation-state as all major political parties are pushing through legislation (Bill C-15, click here and here) that will give the globalists in the UN everything they are asking for.
Guest Ron Vaillant is one man trying to bring attention to the proposed legislation. He makes it clear that even though the Canadian media are, for the most part, ignoring it, this is perhaps the biggest issue in the country, an issue that will have devastating results for all Canadians for generations to come, forever altering the very structure of our government and the foundation of our nation.”
This is an opportunity to become better informed about the issues surrounding UNDRIP. Take action now to preserve your way of life before it’s too late! Watch the YouTube video below.