Communist Party USA 1943
Communist Party USA 1943
Los Angeles USA 1984
Los Angeles, USA Riot 1965

The unmasking of the Communist Deception strategy after WW2. Excerpts from the two books of Anatoliy Golytsin, the most important Soviet defector in the history of USSR, plus a treasure trove of the disinformation campaign of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) in the past 60-70 years (click here).

The Communist Nations and Western Assistance (click here)

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The short history of the Soviet Union
(With some sarcasm, but it is true)
  • Shortly after comrade Lenin’s death it turned out that the second in command in the Communist Party, comrade Trotsky was a … traitor
  • Comrades Kamenev, Zinoviev, Bukharin and Stalin condemned comrade Trotsky and forced him to leave the Soviet Union in exile to Mexico where he was assassinated at the order of comrade Stalin
  • In a few years it turned out that comrades Kamenev, Zinoviev and Bukharin were also enemies and saboteurs…
  • …so the brave comrade Genrikh Yagoda, director of the NKVD, the Soviet Secret Police executed them
  • A little while later, comrade Yagoda, was charged as an enemy agent executed by comrade Yezhov, the head of the NKVD
  • Again a little while later it turned out that comrade Yezhov was not a comrade but foreign agent and a traitor and…
  • …for this comrade Beria, the head of the NKVD executed him
  • After the death of comrade Stalin in 1953 it became evident to everybody that comrade Beria was also a traitor
  • For this comrade Marshal Zukov gave order to execute comrade Beria which was carried out; Beria was found guilty of treason, terrorism and counter-revolutionary activity
  • Very soon comrade Khrushchev found that comrade Marshal Zukov was also an enemy and conspirator and sent comrade Zukov to the Ural in exile as a punishment
  • A little while later it turned out that comrade Stalin was also an enemy and a traitor with many members of the Politburo as enemies
  • Then they decided to remove the remains of comrade Stalin from the Mausoleum and the Politburo members with leader comrade Shepilov were demoted and severely punished
  • Comrade Shepilov was sent to Kyrgyzstan in exile as a punishment
  • A few years later it turned out that comrade Khrushchev was also an enemy and, as a result comrade Brezhnev removed him from leadership and put him on forced pension
  • A little while later comrade Brezhnev died and it turned out that he was indecisive and caused a lot of harm to the cause of the movement, meaning he was also an enemy
  • After comrade Brezhnev there were two more useless Secretaries but they are not remembered
  • And then a young and energized man took over the rein, his name was Gorbachev
  • Under him it was found that the Party had nothing but traitors and enemies over the many decades who harmed the cause…
  • …and then the Soviet Union collapsed
The five phases of Communist takeover 

“The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can only be attained by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions”.

—– Karl Marx

“The most powerful enemy can be conquered only by exerting the utmost effort and by thoroughly, carefully, attentively and skillfully taking advantage of even the smallest rift…of every antagonism of interest…among the various groups or types within the various countries”.
—– V. I. Lenin

When looking at the riots in the summer of 2020, looting, insurgency, violence and lack of law and order in the US, we need to investigate the background of these events. These events have been organized by various groups but the one and only common denominator between these groups is their Communist ideology. This discussion is basically a high level introduction to a very interesting video which can be viewed at the beginning of this article. Many thanks to G. Edward Griffin and his web site, Red Pill University for providing the video, titled “Anarchy USA – Communism in the name of Civil Rights”.

This documentary, researched and scripted by G. Edward Griffin in 1965, was forgotten for many years, but is far from out of date. It reveals lessons and insights that could not have been fully appreciated at the time it was produced. This is not about Blacks versus Whites. It is about what led up to the U.S. race riots in the 1960s, how and by whom they were organized, and what they were intended to accomplish. The primary focus is on how differences between groups of citizens can be used by their common enemy to agitate them into acts of self-destruction. This program shows how the tactic of divide-and-conquer in the name of civil rights compares to similar movements that led to the overthrow of systems in China, Cuba and Algeria. Produced in 1965 – Source: Red Pill University.

According to the video at the top of this page, the mode of operation of Communists can be classified into five phases as follows:

  1. Divide the people
  2. Create the appearance of popular support
  3. Neutralize the opposition
  4. Precipitate mob violence
  5. Create the semblance of revolution supported by the masses 
  1. Divide the people: divided people will fight among themselves instead of fighting the common enemy. The best way to divide the people is to find one or more social issues or grievances which can be used to whip large number of people into a frenzy. After that rational dialogue is impossible. The video above in the first half uses the examples of China, Cuba and Algeria.
    1. China: In the “Great Leap Forward” the Chinese Communists divided the Chinese people basically into two groups: landlords and peasants. They used poverty and the exploitation of the peasants by the landlords. The Communist agitators declared the landlords as the enemy of the people who must be eliminated.
    2. Cuba: Batista was a dictator, so he and his government, the police and the “Batistanos” (government supporters) were the enemy. Clearly, the Communists used police brutality as an issue (even if the police wanted to maintain law and order) and used the slogan “we shall overcome”.
    3. Algeria: Muslims and Christians lived side by side under French rule for a long time until the Marxist Communists started to agitate the population. The Communists asserted that Algeria belongs to the Muslims, their language should be Arabic and the country should not be under French rule. Again the policy of division here.
  1. Create the appearance of popular support: the Communists were basically less than 1% of the population in most cases but they were taking advantage of the grievances of the population. They were using popular slogans.
    1. China: Communists used the slogan: “land to the tiller”. They compared themselves to Abraham Lincoln to free the slaves (under the yoke of the Chinese landlords).
    2. Cuba: Again, the Communists used the slogan: “Patria o muerte” (Fatherland or death). Also, in this early phase Fidel Castro said he was not a Communist, in fact, some stated he was anti-Communist to appeal to a larger segment of the population (DECEPTION). Many Americans idolized him as a modern day Robin Hood.
    3. Algeria: more land was owned by Muslims than the Christians but the Communist used the propaganda that the French/Christians are the main landowners exploiting the Muslims. Again, their Communist leader, Ahmed ben Bella used propaganda that stated that he was not a Communist and said he was a nationalist with a deep belief in Islam (deception again).
  1. Neutralize the opposition: “We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion and scorn towards those who disagree with us”.
    —- V. I. Lenin

    “Members and front organizations must continually embarrass, discredit, and degrade our critics. When obstructions become too irritating, label them as Fascists, Nazi or anti-Semitic. Constantly associate those who oppose us with those names which already have a bad smell. The association, after enough repetition becomes “fact” in the public mind” (incidentally Hitler’s propaganda minister used the same methods – note added by the webmaster).
    —- 1943 directive by the Communist Party of USA

    1. China: The word “landlord” becomes a bad word. Roving guerilla bands punish the landlords.
    2. Cuba: Batista followers were labeled as counter-revolutionaries, enemies of the people and should be eliminated.
    3. Algeria: French and Christians were labeled as colonialists, Fascists, racists and extremists. Terror reigned, people were intimidated and savagely killed – the main tools of Communists.
  1. Precipitate mob violence: Once the people are on the streets, it is easy to hijack the demonstration, incite and provoke violence.

    “Riots – demonstrations – street battles – detachments of the revolutionary army, such are the stages in the development of popular uprising”.
    —- V. I. Lenin

    Basically the ultimate goal of the Communist is an uprising, armed insurrection and ultimately civil war. This is the blueprint the radical Communists follow now and followed in the past in every country. They want to use the chaos to get into power as seen in the French Revolution (1789), the Paris Commune (1871) Bolshevik Russia (1917), The Hungarian Soviet takeover (1919), China, Cuba, Algeria, Venezuela and all of the Soviet bloc satellite countries at the end of WW2. Interestingly, all of these experiments failed or are in the process of failure. Currently the Communists in the US supported by the Democrat Party, the anarchists, Bolshevik Marxists, Cultural Marxists, Black Lives Matter and Antifa follow exactly the same blueprint.

    1. China: Communists mainly appealed to young, idealistic students from well-to-do families and these students formed later the Communist leadership in the Cultural Revolution.
    2. Cuba: The same is true in Cuba. The backbone of the revolutionaries (like Che Guevara) were the students from middle class families. In Cuba they also used the slogan of “police brutality”.
    3. Algeria: Large number of people (mostly Muslims went to the streets and these protest turned into violence. The Communists’ battle cry was again “police brutality”.
  1. Create the semblance of a revolution by the masses: “Only insurrection can guarantee the victory of revolution. The purpose of insurrection must be, not only the complete destruction or removal of all local authorities and their replacement by new…. But also the expulsion of the landlords and the seizure of their land”.
    —-V.I. Lenin

    Lenin talked about the landlords in a mostly agrarian society, but later the Communists generalized to include the owners of the ‘means of production” such as factory owners, business owners, land owners and owners of various other resources such as transportation and mines. As we progressed, today in the US the alliance of the Socialist/Communist Left talks about Whites and white privilege. BLM and Antifa agitators incite violent riots in neighborhoods where businesses are destroyed and people are afraid for the lives. These rioters demand that white people leave the neighborhoods so blacks and people of color (POC) can move into their houses and neighborhood. This is why they call themselves “progressives” because they always progressively increase their demands against society, they demand redistribution of wealth and so-called equalization or equality of outcome. This is impossible, although they can demand equality of opportunity but outcome can never be guaranteed to all. Equality of outcome is the cornerstone of the Marxist utopia.

    1. China: After WW2 the US requested Chiang Kai-shek to have a coalition government with Mao Zedong and requested the disarming of the Nationalist army. Thirty divisions were disarmed while Mao’s army got all the arms the Japanese left behind after the war As a result Mao Zedong could take over, the possession of arms decided the outcome.
    2. Cuba: Castro received arms from the Soviet Union and other Communist countries while the US put an arms embargo in place against the Batista government. Same result – Communist takeover of Cuba. Castro said: “I am a Marxist-Leninist and I will be one until I die”. This is a total contradiction from the earlier days when he promoted himself as a non-Communist and possibly even an anti-Communist (again deception).
    3. Algeria: The Communists received arm shipments from the Soviet Union. In 1960, Charles de Gaulle turned against the French in Algeria, ridiculed them and called for Algeria independence, stating that Algeria is for the Algerians. As a result Ahmed ben Bella, the Communist leader took over and became Prime Minister and later President. The Communist takeover had been completed.
Bread line in Socialist Poland

How to Defeat the Left’s Socialism in 30 Seconds: Liz Wheeler – start at 4:45 (click here)

  • The most brutal form of Communism is Marxism-Leninism, the ideology of the Bolshevik Revolution and most Communist states in the 20th century; however  in the late 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century the most evil and subversing form of Communist Marxism can be observed in most Western nations, including the USA: Cultural Marxism
  • The main characteristics of Marxist-Leninist Communism are shown in the points below
  • Total disregard of human lives and sufferings: 65 millions death in China, 20 millions in the Soviet Union, 2 millions in Cambodia, 2 millions in North Korea and many more victims in other Communist countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, close to 100 millions; Communism killed significantly more people than Nazi Germany; we constantly talk about the crimes of Nazi Germany but many of us silent when we confront the outrageous crimes of Communism, why is that?
  • Economically the Soviet Union was (and all Communist countries are/were) a massive failure; central planning did not work and could not provide the basic and timely necessities (such as bread) for the population; Gorbachev complained that the Soviet Union exported less than Singapore
  • The Communist system did not support and incentivize innovation in technology, agriculture, manufacturing and any other areas of production of goods and services; in Communist countries the planning was driven by the Central Committee of the Communist party instead of the needs of the free-market 
  • The output from state owned factories, land, transportations and institutions was dismal due to insufficient level of training of the workforce, outdated technology and machinery as well as the low level of motivation of the workers who did not care to produce more because they were not compensated for performance
  • Health care was free and available to everybody, but the quality of health care was dismal; hospitals were run down and could not provide the necessary items such as basic bandages, toilet paper and so forth; patients had to bring these items; in addition, doctors and nurses expected illegal cash payments from patients because their salaries were inadequate 
  • Infrastructure was not maintained and houses, roads, bridges were deteriorating rapidly in the Soviet Union during the 70 years of Bolshevik rules and the 45 years in the Soviet-bloc satellite states in Central and Eastern Europe
  • All of the above became painfully obvious after the 1989 collapse of the Soviet Union when Soviet Union disintegrated into several new states as well as the other European countries that gained independence from Communism; all of these countries have been struggling in the past 30 years since then to increase the quality of life and to catch up with Western Europe that had free market economy after WW2
  • In Communist countries any dissent was severely and immediately punished by confiscation of personal property, prison term, concentration camp (gulag) or death sentence without proper judicial trial; in addition, the education (aka brainwashing) has been constantly going on in schools, factories, institutions and in agricultural co-ops in the countryside to make sure that everybody is immersed in Communist ideology
  • News media and any communication media is owned by the state 100%; the state controls what information is fed to the masses; this is basically nothing less than brainwashing and mind control
  • The one-party system meant that there was only one party to vote for or no vote at all; people were pressured to go and vote for the Communist party and many of them just voted to avoid the local Communist party leaders’ hussle and pressure to go to vote; this way, at the end of the vote, the government-owned media proudly announced that around 99% of the people voted for the Communist party 
  • Disarm the population – severe punishment for owning a firearm, up to the death penalty
  • It became painfully obvious that the Communist systems failed the people and their equality meant that most of the people were equally sharing poverty, despair and low quality of life; what the Communists promised was a big lie in terms of quality of life for a large majority of the people except for a few in the party apparatus and leadership position who lived their lives in abundance and prosperity
  • Note regarding the the COVID-19 crises: most governments in the world have handled this crises a very dictatorial manner, much like Communists would have handled it; it is a clear indication that most governments in the world shifting towards dictatorship with Communist/Fascist dictatorial behavior by gradually more and more infringing the freedom of the people
MORE ON DECEPTION: Multi-Decade Communist Deception and Disinformation Strategy (1-of-3, 2-of-3, 3-of-3)